Healthy Lifestyles for Europe (HL4EU) is an Erasmus+ funded project that aims to explore and promote cross-sectoral approaches to healthy lifestyles through physical activity. A consortium of leading NGOs and sector representative bodies from the physical activity, outdoor, sport, mobility, health, patient and caregiver communities, we are united to collaborate on active and healthy lifestyle promotion and access across policies and sectors with the view of tackling NCDs, of improving quality of life and well-being and, of building healthier and more sustainable societies and economies.   

Join us to help catalyse action towards cross-sectoral approaches to healthy lifestyles! 

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Project Overview

The Healthy Lifestyles for Europe project (HL4EU) will foster a cross-sectoral approach to healthy lifestyles promotion among a variety of stakeholders, in line with the European Commission and WHO’s vision and existing policy initiatives, and in sight of tackling the increasing burden of NCDs and of reducing health inequalities across Europe. The consortium consists of leading national and European representative organisations from different sectors, including, fitness, physical activity, outdoors, health (doctors, patients, and carers) and mobility.

During the project’s 30-month duration, the project partners will raise awareness on the importance of cross-sectoral healthy lifestyle promotion, facilitate cross-sectoral collaboration through the development of a dedicated stakeholder platform, identify and share good practices of cross-sectoral collaboration, and provide input for future policy developments on the topic through a set of policy recommendations. Through these actions, HL4EU will strengthen the sustainability and legacy of the European Commission’s ‘HealthyLifestyles4All’ campaign and provide support to future European policy initiatives in this direction. 

A variety of actions will be developed to reach the project’s objectives, including the publication of a Call to Action, the identification of good practices through both desk research and active outreach, the development of a stakeholder platform listing good practices, focus group sessions to capture practice-based feedback that will contribute to the policy recommendations, as well as a community building conference and a final conference. The HL4EU project aims to be the start of a structural collaboration between consortium partners and to bring the different sectoral networks closer together to facilitate the implementation of cross-sectoral healthy lifestyles and to spark new collaborations, long outlasting the duration of the project.


Strengthening the sustainability and legacy of the HL4A campaign.

Enabling further sectoral change by identifying and sharing good practices.

Facilitating cross-sectoral collaboration on healthy lifestyle promotion by developing a dedicated stakeholders’ platform.

Contributing to future healthy lifestyles related policy development through policy recommendations.

Raising awareness on the importance of healthy lifestyles with governments, civil society and the general public.

Call for Action

We invite individuals and organisations to join our Call for Action. Endorse the Call and show your support for adoption of healthy lifestyles through comprehensive, cross-sectoral approaches to tackle NCDs, improve public health and people’s quality of life and well-being! 

Endorse the Call for Action​​​​​​ Read the Call for Action​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Endorse the Call for Action

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